Wyrmageddon That May Never Come

Alright, I want to get this off of my chest before tomorrow (Friday, 09/14/07)… Maybe this can be filed under “you snooze you loose” or “another reason not to procrastinate.” I’ve been sitting on this story idea that I call Wyrmageddon. The title pretty much gets across the basic idea of the story — Dragons equal Armageddon. And then a couple of weeks ago, while sitting in the neighborhood bar enjoying a few refreshments, I see on one of the many televisions (not hear mind you, it was a bar after all and the volume was down on the TV and up with the crowd) a commercial for a movie that hits theaters in the U.S. tomorrow — Dragon Wars. My first reaction was “what the hell?”

It wasn’t so much that I came to learn that Wyrmageddon and Dragon Wars shared a basic story premise. It’s not like apocalyptic dragon stories are the most original tales out there. I had seen the “iffy” post-apocalyptic dragon movie Reign of Fire — which wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t all that good. It was that Dragon Wars looks down right horrible, and from everything that I have read or heard so far (without seeing the movie, yet) only reassures me of that assessment. Now if there was a positive buzz about this movie I wouldn’t be so concerned. If this movie turned out to be a huge global wide blockbuster then there might be an immediate demand for more Dragon-Armageddon stories. But, alas… That doesn’t appear to be the case. So, Wyrmageddon might have an uphill struggle to ever take flight — more so than usual. After this weekend the Dragon-Armageddon genre may be as extinct as the very creature it is base on.

Wyrmageddon might get filed away for awhile in the the ever expanding “drawer of ideas” (lower left side of my desk) that is already bulging with capacity. Or maybe, after I go and see it (yeah, I’ve got to check this train wreck out) I’ll be inspired to create a truly kick-ass tale of destruction an chaos. I know of two artists that come to mind right away that I’d like to work with on this idea — Don Figueroa and/or Robby Musso, both of who I worked with on IDW’s Transformers comics.


Note: There is a www.wyrmageddon.com, just not much there right now.


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