Fiddy or Kayne? Fiddy or Kayne?

50centcurtis125.jpgOh, no. It looks like 50 Cent may be up for retirement. Regardless about the real importance of yesterday’s date — September 11, 2007 marked the drop date for new albums Curtis from 50 Cent and Graduation from Kayne West. 50 Cent had has declared that he would quit the rap game if his new G-Unit/Interscope album, Curtis, was outsold by Kanye West’s Def Jam set Graduation, interestingly enough both of which were released on the same day. And in the world of rap music, what’s better than a little friendly competition, right?

kaynegraduation125.jpg Sales data won’t be finalized until midnight on Sunday when the Nielsen SoundScan week officially ends, but early indications are leaning in the direction that Kayne West will be the victor — at least in the first week. And, how could it not be? Look at the absolutely adorable cover. What is that? An cute little teddy bear in a letterman’s jacket bursting out of the psychedelic happy fun world of an astronaut’s helmet with big-bosomed cheerleader cats in tight sweaters dancing with a pig and I don’t know what in their pajamas. You see, Fiddy? You gotta think out side the box every now and then. Enough of the the “thug mug.”

But, alas… I don’t see either of these CDs making it into my collection. Sorry I can’t help you out Fiddy. And that concludes the “hip-hop” portion of my blog.

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