Indy IV Has A Title

Actor Shei LaBeouf revealed the title of the next Indiana Jones movie — hitting theaters on May 22, 2008 — during the Mtv Video Music Awards. Hold on to your fedoras. The title of the upcoming installment of the the Indiana Jones legacy is… Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Alright. I guess it could be more hokey. I’ll reserve final judgement until I learn more about the actual movie — which is probably the one movie I’ve been most excited about and eager to see since The Phantom Menace. Let’s just hope this flick pans out better.



One Response to “Indy IV Has A Title”

  1. Chris Noeth Says:

    I had huge expectations for Phantom Menace. Now I almost forgot there is another Indy movie in the making because I’m in no way interested what George Lucas is writing! That’s a shame because I’m a huge Indy fan. But Lucas and Spielberg has to show me they still can make a good intelligent and entertaining movie which can be compared to their classic brilliant stuff.


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