Goliathon 83 Infinity Beam Projector

raygun21.jpgIf I only had a spare $690… Would I use it for rent? Hell no! I’d be the proud owner of a Goliathon 83 Infinity Beam Projector — the first in a series from Dr. Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators & Other Marvelous Contraptions Raygun Collection. It’s my understanding that this fantastic collectible mock-sidearm of a future-past is available as of today. Regardless, I don’t have the scratch to afford one — but they sure are nifty. Just check out the specs on this beauty… The Goliathon is the heaviest of the Rayguns, weighing in at 10lbs. It’s sturdy and ribbed handle provides the user with sufficient support. The Goliathon 83 has tubing, valves, two stage switching circuits, thermionic resonance chambers, inverse aether flux holding cells, and a Krimble radiator. Its three glass canisters, in yellow, pink and blue, carry residue from missions past.

This piece is being offered by Weta Collectibles (a brand of Weta Workshop — a branch of the New Zealand special effects company responsible for King Kong and the Lord of the Rings trilogy). I first laid eyes on this beauty back in the summer of 2006 at the San Diego Comic-Con and fell in love right away. Apparently only 500 of this limited edition piece will be made worldwide — handcrafted and made out of metal and glass parts — so it looks as if my chances of snagging one are slim. It even comes with its own velvet lined pressed tin case/display stand, a Certificate of Authenticity, and an assortment of implements and crafting tools.


Only 109 more shopping days until Christmas…

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