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20 — The Magic Number

September 4, 2007

angels20magicnumber.jpgAs we grow closer to Octoberquest — the race for the MLB World Series — the “Magic Number” for my Angels has been determined. And, that number is twenty — the combination of wins by the leading team — the Angels, naturally — and losses by the second-place (or tied) team that would clinch the American League West Division title. And with a favorable schedule for the rest of the season I believe that “magic number” will be decreasing at a steady rate. The Halos have 13 more games at home and 12 on the road with a majority of their series opponenents making up five of the six worst teams in the AL. Now, let’s see… Where are we going to hang that pennant?

Superbad — Anything But

September 4, 2007

superbad_poster.jpgWell, true to my word with last post, I escaped the heat yesterday and took in a movie at the comfortably air conditioned cineplex. It was a toss up with what movie to check out — the fun summertime romp Superbad or Rob Zombie’s take on Halloween. Though I’m a Rob Zombie fan and think the original slasher movie is a classic, Superbad won out — and it was a good call.

(Don’t worry, Rob. I’ll get to your Halloween eventually.)

Superbad isn’t much more than a teen-angst movie about the “dorks” looking to score with the “babes” before they’re final year of high school wraps up and they have to head off for college. Sure, it’s been done before, but Superbad seemed to have something else going for it… I don’t know… heart, maybe? Maybe the best thing that this movie had going for it was that the kids — seventeenish and/or eighteenish — looked like kids, not like youthful looking adult actors trying to pull off playing high school seniors.

As good as the kids are in this movie it’s actually the duo of Seth Rogan and Bill Hader that really edges this movie into the likable catagory. I’ve been a fan of Rogan’s since his initial days on Freaks and Geeks, and he was definitely a highlight of 40-Year-Old Virgin. His role here made me regret not catching Knocked Up earlier this year. I know it sounds like I’m crushin’ on the guy, but I’ll leave that to my girlfriend — who makes no secret of her admiration for the actor.

Superbad is from the same team that brought us 40-Year-Old Virgin and Talladega Nights — I dug the former flick, the latter flick owes me an hour and fifty minutes of my life (had I watched the whole film of course).

Note: Check out Freaks and Geeks – The Complete Series. If you like Superbad you’ll dig this show that was cancelled before its time.