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You Can’t Please Them All All Of The Time

January 30, 2007

Originally I posted the comments below on the IDW Publishing Forums and I thought I’d post them here as well. It’s nothing ground-shaking — just thought in this time and age of fans posting their opinions on the internet that I’d share mine.

Honestly, harsh “criticism” or just plain declarations of dislike are to be expected to surface when producing a project such as Star Trek, or even Transformers and Angel. The one element that properties like these share is a strong, dedicated, and above all else, passionate fanbase. It is the passion of these fans that make these properties what they are — what makes them great.

We’re never going to be able to please 100 percent of the people a 100 percent of the time — no one can. What we can hope to accomplish is to please as many fans as we can — new and old alike. Personally, If I had the means to produce the perfect Star Trek comic book for each and every individual Star Trek fan I would — but that is an inconceivable feat in which to accomplish. The perfect Star Trek comic book for a 20 year-old fan attending college at Berkely, or a thirtysomething mother of three that attends sci-fi conventions, or a middle-aged dentist in Boston who grew up on The Original Series, or the guy who is thrilled to have the opporunity to Edit Star Trek comic books is going to be different from one another.

Unfortunately, it’s those that are unsatisfied for whatever reason that are more likely to make their opinions public. And that is fine — that is their right. If they don’t like something they’ll let it be known. Sure, some of the neigh-sayers might not be willing to give a project a fair chance because of a cover they didn’t like, or someone else’s opinion that they read on a blog or message board — but they’ll share their thoughts nonetheless. It is this “camp” of fans which tend to be lounder than the others.

For the most part, it has been my experience that if a reader of a comic book enjoys and/or is satisfied with the end result they’re not going to necessarily go out of their way to spread the word of their content. Sure, they might make a point to truly express what they did like about the comic or come to the defense when they read unflattering posts and it is honestly appreciated by everyone involved with the project.

Having vested what we have in Star Trek (or Transformers, or Angel, or 24) I make it a point to hear and read — good or bad — what is being said. I probably hear and read more across a larger expanse of venues than your average poster who feels compelled to express their opinions with a blog or message bost. I can honestly say that the favorable has outweighed the unfavorable — it’s just that those on the unfavorable team tends to turn the volume up a bit more.

As a Star Trek fan I can honestly say that I’m proud of what we’re accomplishing as a team. Are we batting a thousand? No. But like with any maiden voyage there’s going to be a bit of a “shakedown” at first. Having the knowledge of what is in store as well as seeing what is soon to come I’m not worried. The volume is sure to adjust and equalize and I foresee a pleasnt voyage.

To quote Mr. Erik Larsen, “But that’s just one fan’s opinion.” Like so many others out there.


As the current Editor on IDW’s Star Trek comic books, I welcome the thoughts and opinions of Star Trek fans regarding the current titles — just drop me a line.