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Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip – “Monday”

January 22, 2007

Finally… Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip returns to its regular timeslot (Monday 10:00 PM) on NBC tonight. Seven weeks is way too long of “a break” between new episodes of a freshman series looking to get a foothold with viewers in the primetime schedule. If I didn’t know better, I would think that NBC was actually trying to sabotage this show so they can wipe if from their program board and make room for yet another hour of Deal, Or No Deal (shudder). But, NBC and I seem to have a love/hate relationship when it comes to certain television shows. For example — my other favorite NBC (probably any network) program, Scrubs. Over the years they’ve done plenty to bounce that show around the schedule and delay season premieres.

But Studio 60 is back tonight. Hopefully with the 7-week hiatus this means that I’ll have a healthy string of new shows for a couple of months. Tonight’s episode:

Monday (Episode 12)

The staff comes back from the holiday break to prepare for the first show of the year; Danny is in full pursuit of Jordan; Matt bids in an online auction for a date with Harriet.

If you watch Studio 60 then you’re in the same happy camp as I am. If y0u’re not familiar with the show you should check it out — episodes are available at the iTunes Store.