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The Space Between Begins Now

January 17, 2007

stng_01_calerosm.jpgIt’s Comic Book Wednesday! But not just any Comic Book Wednesday. Let this serve as a little reminder for comic book readers and Star Trek fans that the first issue of IDW Publishing’s Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between hits comic book store shelves today! I’m not only excited about this because I am the Editor for this series, but as a comic book fan and a Star Trek fan. It is my honest opinion (completely non-biased, of course) that Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between will not dissapoint. And from what I know on the inside, things are only going to get better for IDW’s Star Trek line.

So far the early reviews have been good… From good reader gone bad:

The bottom line first: Everyone working on this comic clearly has an appreciation for Star Trek and I think Star Trek comics fans are in good hands.

And from Fractal Matter:

Not just good STAR TREK but good science fiction, this is a great debut in the TREK universe for IDW and completely deserving of your time.

And there are a couple of more interviews with the creative team to be found online — writer David Tischman at and artist Casey Maloney at Broken Frontier.

If anybody has any questions regarding IDW’s Star Trek comics feel free to drop me a line.