Retooling and Housekeeping

I did a few modifications to the ol’ blog. Added a bunch of fresh links as well as a plug for Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour available for purchase online at the IDW web store. I moved the sidebar widgets around–shouldn’t confuse anybody.

In fact, I’ll offer up a little contest. The first person who leaves a comment listing at least ten new links that I added today will win a copy of Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour.

And the retooling and housekeeping doesn’t stop with the blog. I’m hoping to get a lot of busy work done this weekend. I’ve got a number of projects on various burners, web sites that need to be updated, and I seriously need to get some eBay auctions rolling.


2 Responses to “Retooling and Housekeeping”

  1. J.D. Reichert Says:

    Rats, of all days to start visiting a blog, a contest I can’t win!

  2. Matt Forbeck Says:

    I’ll take a shot:

    1) Plug for Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour
    2) Chris Kirby
    3) Dan Wickline
    4) Comic Book Resources
    5) Trek Movie Report
    6) Spooky in the City
    7) Ben Templesmith
    8) Jim Mahfood
    9) Scott Morse
    10) Steve Niles

    Sadly, I’m shooting in the dark. Cool website though. Good luck with your comics!

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