The Panic Attack That Never Was – Part 2

Alright… I figured I might as well post the second strip that almost was.

Here’s the script for the second installment:

Panic Attack 2

PANEL 1 – Pan is in the same position we left him in at the end of the last strip – sitting up in bed, craning his neck, lips puckered for a big smooch, and eyes tightly shut.

C’mon, baby. Give your favorite god of sensuality some sugar.

PANEL 2 – Pan is still in the same position, but now he has opened one eye widely to see what is going on. His neck is still craned and lips puckered.

PANEL 3 – Pan is sitting up in bed now – with both eyes open. He looks a bit confused as he looks about and calls out for Stacy.


PANEL 4 – Pan now looks a bit more worried than confused as he calls out again


PANEL 5 – A cat jumps up onto the bed. This is Cassius. This is the cat that Pan and Stacy shared their apartment with – now it’s apparently just Pan and Cassius. To put it simply – Pan and Cassius are foes.


PANEL 6 – Pan and Cassius glare at each other.

You are not petal-butt. You are my foe.

And below is Michael’s artwork for installment two.


It was a fun idea, but it just didn’t work out. I think I might still like to partner-up with an artist and give a regular strip another try. I’d do it myself, but I just don’t have the chops when it comes to being an artist.

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