The Panic Attack That Never Was

Last summer I was kicking around the idea of doing a comic strip with artist Michael David Scott called Panic Attack. The premise was to be about Pan from Greek Mythology — but rather than being the god who watches over shepherds and flocks, he’s a modern day down-on-his-luck slacker.

Here’s the script for the first installment:

Panic Attack 1

PANEL 1 – Pan is lying in bed. His mouth is hanging open and he is snoring away. The bed linens are in shambles. It must have been one hell of a night. Stacy (his soon to be ex-girlfriend) is shouting at him from off panel.

Pan! Wake up. I’m leaving.

PANEL 2 – Pan is still lying in bed. He hasn’t moved. He is out. Stacy is now poking her head into the panel from the side. She’s a pretty girl. Way too pretty for a guy like Pan (god or not). She looks a bit miffed.

Pan, are you awake? Did you hear me? I’m leaving.

PANEL 3 – Angle on Pan as he gestures just slightly and mumbles.

Hey, babe… Call work for me and tell ’em I ain’t comin’ in.

PANEL 4 – Angle on Stacy who is scowling at the coma-like Pan. We can see now that she has her bags packed. She is “leaving” leaving.

Goodbye, Pan. Don’t forget to feed Cassius.

PANEL 5 – Stacy has left. Pan stirs in the bed, but he has yet to open his eyes – he is still half asleep.

Right. Cassius. Got it. Bring back some Chick-fil-A.

PANEL 6 – Pan has managed to sit up in bed and he’s leaning toward the edge where he heard Stacy’s voice. His eyes are still tightly shut but he is stretching his neck up and out with puckered lips for a kiss – a kiss he isn’t going to get.

Kiss. Kiss.

And below you can see the artwork that Michael completed for the first installment.


Michael and I kicked around a lot of ideas for good ol’ Pan. Unfortunately our schedules didn’t permit us to run with it. I’ve got another example or two that I’ll probably show a little later down the line. Who knows? Maybe Panic Attack will come to fruition some day.

One Response to “The Panic Attack That Never Was”

  1. John Ruiz Says:

    This is in reply to your ad on Digitalwebbing. I am a cartoonist that is interested. E-mail me and let me know where I should send some attachments for u 2 look @. I have worked on several projects like this in the past. I can do the artwork and the lettering. Thank u.


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