I Survived BotCon 2006

Alright… I made it back from Lexington, KY in pretty much one piece — except of course for the inevitable travel-cold brought on by breathing recirculating air aboard airplains. I’ve been spending the last couple of days trying to catch up with both home and work stuff — thus the lack of recent posts.

BotCon 2006 can officially be logged as a successful show for IDW. While it may have been a bitch getting out there — with baggage weight issues, missed flights, and long layovers — the show itself went well. Just about everyone at the show was enthusiastic with what IDW is doing with Transformers.


Pictured above from left to right are Don Figueroa (Transformers: Stormbringer and Beast Wars: The Gathering artist), Simon Furman (long time and fan-favorite Transformers writer), yours truly (Transformers editor), Ben Yee (Transformers guru), Chris Ryall (IDW editor-in-cheif).

So now that I’ve unpacked my bags and managed to catch up on a few — not all, but a few things — I hope to get back to posting. Of course I’ve got another work-related trip that I have to go on next week.


One Response to “I Survived BotCon 2006”

  1. David Says:

    Hey Dan – this may sound retarded but you should go to your doctor and see how bad your allergies are. I had bronchitis 3x 2 years ago and my doctor told me I had a resurgence of athsma (triggered by alleries.) I’ve been taking Singualr and Zirtec for a year and haven’t got a cold much less bronchitis since then. My nose used to run every morning too and that’s gone as well. Maybe something to check out if you get colds that much.

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