Hero Happy Hour Up For Auction For Lea Hernandez

A few weeks back comic creator Lea Hernandez unfortunately lost her home and more to a fire. You can find the details here, as well as an update here. One of the great things about the comic book community — creators and fans alike — is the sense of family and the willingness to help one another out in time of need. Miss Hernandez loss is no exception. Jeffery LaJaunie has put together an auction to raise funds to help Lea and her family out. You can check out all of the items currently up for auction here, but there is one item in particular that I’d like to point out — Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour signed by Dan Taylor!

There is also another item up for auction by my Hero Happy Hour co-conspirator, Chris Fason — Original Spider-Man sketch by Chris Fason!

So please check out the auction and find yourself a little something special while helping out a talented creator dealing with an unfortunate situation. Or, you can always donate funds directly via PayPal to divalea@gmail.com. Odds are if you’ve got a PayPal account you’ve got a couple bucks that you can spare. Thanks.

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