Super Deluxe Contest Hour

Alright, I’m going to run a little contest to celebrate the release of Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour: The Lost Episode this week. It’s going to be a rather simple contest. All you need to do to enter is leave your name or handle (if you’re mysterious) in the comments section with your email address to contact you with should you win. That’s it.

Sometime Friday, September 22nd, around 6:00 PM I will randomly choose two winners. Each winner will receive a signed copy of Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour: The Lost Episode. The contest is open to anybody on the planet. You only need to leave your name once — multiple entries won’t better your odds. All decisions are mine and final.

Cheers and good luck.


12 Responses to “Super Deluxe Contest Hour”

  1. Mike Storniolo Says:

    Mike Storniolo

  2. Jim Trombacco Says:

    Jim Trombacco

  3. Arthur Says:

    I like this conest, I also like my trade that I got a while back, so there’s that.

  4. Arthur Says:

    yeah, so I wanted to make sure you have my email address, I mean I put it in that line, but I don’t know much about this intranet.

  5. Travis W. Howard Says:


  6. Jody Collins Says:

    Jody “Harvey the Pooka” Collins

  7. Gav Says:

    Gav ‘Superhero Happy Fan’ Spence

  8. Rich Says:

    Rich “no nickname” Stahnke

  9. Matthew Says:

    I like superheros! I like drinking!

    Matthew Brazier

  10. Butch Adams Says:

    I want this book! How ya doing man?

  11. Jermiey "Snowshark" DuHamel Says:

    Great contest. The requirements are so demanding though!

  12. Art "The Grafunkel" Grafunkel Says:

    Mo’ better butter!

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