Vaughan Can Be Proud Of Pride Of Baghdad

prideofbaghdad1.jpgSo you may have noticed on my blog that I mentioned that the comic book that I wrote, Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour: The Lost Episode, came out yesterday — which, don’t get me wrong, is great and all. But there was another book that came out yesterday that I think I was even more excited about — Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon from DC’s Vertigo line. And I’m going to go ahead and state right here, right now — this may very well be the best graphic novel of the year, bar none. Even if you’re not a regular comic book reader, I highly recommend that you purchase and read this book.

The premise of Pride of Baghdad is a bit different than most comic books and based on a true story. Set during the spring 2003 U.S. bombing raid on Iraq, a pride of lions escape from the Baghdad Zoo. They wander the war-torn streets confused and hungry, yet free — struggling for their survival.

Without a doubt, Brian K. Vaughan has written one of the most unique — as well as heartbreaking — stories that I have read. And as well as Vaughan has penned the story, Henrichon’s art only emphasizes this powerful story of life and freedom during wartime. Do yourself a favor and get Pride of Baghdad. (And while you’re at the comic shop you might as well pick up Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour: The Lost Episode.)

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