Damnit. I lost my ATM card. And this time I lost it. Back in February my ATM card got cancelled because the bank was trying to protect me from a fraudulent charge. The charge wasn’t fraudulent and it never went through. Alright, I appreciate the bank looking out for me, but… It took nearly four months to get a new card. The reason was they had the wrong mailing address in their system — but whenever I called I would confirm what address to mail the card to and they said it would be no problem. Well, it was a problem — a big problem. No ATM card for nearly four months?! Not fun.

So hopefully things will go smoother this time. This morning when I took out my wallet to pay for gas for the long work commute the card was missing. I instantly figured out where I lost it — an ATM machine that I used in San Diego, one of those machines that hold onto your card during your whole transaction. I don’t like those — I like the quick swipes. Anyway, I went to the store that had the ATM to see if any goodsamaritan had turned it in. No such luck. I immediately called to report the card stolen and make sure that there weren’t any “illicit” charges — there weren’t.

Now I’ve have to wait 5 to 7 business days for a new ATM card. At least I’ll probably save some money during those days now that my impulse purchasing will be curbed.


One Response to “ATM Card MIA”

  1. Chris Says:

    urghh… :( … but hey! Hero Happy Hour is out! Think of that to have a good time! ;)

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