True Hollywood Story – Lucky Man

I finished up the three day weekend by catching E! Entertainment Television’s True Hollywood Story on Michael J. Fox. Anybody that knows me very well knows that I just outright dig Michael J. Fox — always have, always will. I watched Family Ties back when he played Alex P. Keaton. I went Back to the Future along with Marty McFly. Hell, I even liked the movie version of Bright Lights, Big City.

What’s not to like about the guy? He struggled to acheive his dreams of being an actor. From all accounts that I’ve heard, he’s a nice guy. He’s a solid family man. And he’s doing what he can to bring an end to Parkinson’s disease — a disease that brought an early end his impressive career — with the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

When he returned to television with Spin City I was there. Not to mention, he did a two episode guest stint on my favorite television show, Scrubs, as Dr. Kevin Casey. (You can count on frequent Scrubs posts later down the line, trust me.)

Side Note: I have a theory regarding Michael J. Fox movies and the word “fuck.” It seems that most of his movies — again “most” not all — in which he doesn’t utter the word “fuck” does rather well at the box office — movies such as the Back to the Future trilogy, Teen Wolf, The Secret to My Success, etc… Movies in which he does utter the word “fuck” — Light of Day, Bright Lights, Big City, and Casualties of War — just plain don’t. America just doesn’t want Alex P. Keaton to cuss.

In fact, I dig Michael J. Fox enough to have picked up his autobiography when it was released a few years ago. Lucky Man: A Memoir is a great read that I highly recommend.

I’ve got no special insight to Michael J. Fox. Just noting the fact that he is someone that I admire.

If you missed the first run of this episode, don’t sweat it — you’re in luck. According to E!’s website the Michael J. Fox episode will be airing again this month on the 7th, 9th, 13th, 14th, 16th, and 17th — check your local listings.


One Response to “True Hollywood Story – Lucky Man”

  1. Chris Says:

    Michael J. Fox is a great actor. I too loved his Family Ties comedy and I am a big fan of the first Back to the future movie which I think is perfect. There isn’t one thing which could be better in this movie… it is perfect and Michael J. Fox is the perfect cast for Marty McFly. I must start watching Scrubs I think… I only know the first episodes… but after your ‘good words’ on the show I think I must buy it now.


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