September Kick-Off Randomness

Alright, it’s the first of the month — time to kick off the September Archive with some randomness…

New month means that hopefully my Angels will turn it around and gain some ground on those damn A’s. 7 1/2 games behind division leading Oakland doesn’t bode well. My Angels usually turn up the heat in September, hopefully they’ll still be playing well into October.

Last night I completed the draft for my second of three fantasy football leagues that I’m involved in this season. I’m pretty comfortable with both drafts so far — I’ve got one more this Sunday. Hopefully Carson Palmer and Tiki Barber both have good seasons to help me out in at least two of the leagues that I’m in.

I need to get caught up on more Speculative Reviews regarding the new fall television series. I did however get the Writing Page started.

I want to start collecting something again. I currently have no active collecting hobby right now — and I’ve been collecting one thing or another for most of my life. I’m thinking about collecting various Artoo-Deeto items.

I don’t miss going back to school.

Twelve more days until Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour: The Lost Episode hits comic book store shelves.

Three day weekend ahead — I get to sleep in on Monday.


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