Speculative Review – New Wednesday Primetime Fall 2006 (Part I)

Back in the mid-eighties we were all afraid that the Soviet Union was going to send nuclear missles targetted for the heartland of America. Sting even wrote the song Russians to talk them out of starting a nuclear war. In 1983 ABC cashed in on the fright-hype when they aired the TV movie The Day After — about a theortical nuclear war between the U.S. and U.S.S.R and its effects on Kansas residents.

jericho-sm.jpgWell, this fall CBS is launching its own series about the fallout of a nuclear explosion and a small mid-western town. Jericho, premiering September 20th and airing on Wednesday nights at eight, is about the residents of a small Kansas town (Jericho) and how their lives are effected upon the appearance of a nuclear mushroom on the horizon. Mayhem naturally follows as the residents of the town are cut off from the outside world and fear sets in that they might be the only Americans left alive.

The show boasts a rather large ensamble cast that make up the small town’s residents — from the mayor and his estranged son to the mysterious jack-of-all-trades stranger, to the troubled trailer park living teenager, just to name a few. In fact, there might be too many characters to allow any room for a viewer within the town limits of Jericho. Nothing initially is really getting me excited about Jericho, but with ABC offering another season of Dancing with the Stars I might pass through the town of Jericho and check it out.

The verdict – probable “nuclear winter” chill this fall.


One Response to “Speculative Review – New Wednesday Primetime Fall 2006 (Part I)”

  1. Chris Noeth Says:

    I like the story behind Jericho. The Day After by the way was shown in Germany in cinema, not TV. I have seen it there as I was 12. I think Jericho could be good because the whole “we don’t know what happened” theme is very interesting.

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