Speculative Review – New Monday Primetime Fall 2006 (Part I)

Alrighty… I’m going to break up Monday night’s Speculative Review since there are a number of new shows popping up on Monday nights.

Monday nights tend to be my “take it easy and recuperate from the weekend” night. I’ve been a fan of Two and a Half Men since the show’s premiere. I wasn’t looking for a new show — I just sort of stumbled upon it after wading through the rest of — what was at the time — CBS’s mediocre Monday night line-up.

The Class appears to be the new 8 o’clock comedy on CBS leading into How I Met Your Mother (an enjoyable show that surprised me). The premise deals with a group of twenty-somethings (I guess I’m out of the target audience demographic nowadays) who all happened to have been in the same third grade class and are now brought together twenty years later by a surprise reunion.

The Class has a lot going for it by means of creative talent — Emmy®-winning writer-producer David Crane (Friends) is teaming with writer-producer Jeffrey Klarik (Mad About You), along with director James Burrows (Cheers) — some heavy-hitters in the televsion industry to be sure. But am I ready for another “twenty-something” show? I’ll give it a shot since it’s really not up against anything else that I’m interested in.

The verdict — I’ll try hangin’ with The Class and see if it makes the grade.


2 Responses to “Speculative Review – New Monday Primetime Fall 2006 (Part I)”

  1. fason Says:

    who throws a reunion for their 3rd grade class? is that really the premise? weird…

  2. Speculative Review - New Monday Primetime Fall 2006 (Part II) « Dan Taylor Blog Says:

    […] Alright, it’s time to bust out another Speculative Reiview — where I pretty much review something that I haven’t seen yet. I’ve already covered Class, so now I’m taking this one to the wire since I’m looking at NBC’s Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip — which premieres tonight at 10:00 PM. Not to be confused with NBC’s 30 Rock — another new series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at television. Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip is probably the new show this season that I’m looking forward to checking out the most. The only thing is — I’ve got to stay awake for a ten o’clock show, which isn’t easy for me to do nowadays. […]

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