Speculative Review – New Friday Primetime Fall 2006

Well it looks as if the networks are finally realizing that Friday nights equal television wasteland. It appears that of the major networks (and I’m not bothering with the all-new CW regardless of how many new shows they ordered for whatever nights) only ABC is launching a new show. And more than likely — Friday night fatality.

Men In Trees premieres Friday, September 22 at 9/8c. The premise revolves around relastionship coach Marin Frist, played by Anne Heche. Apparently those that can’t do, coach. On her way to a speaking engagement in Alaska she learns that her “perfect man” fianc√© has apparently cheated on her — the marriage is off! Unable to face the fact that you win some you loose some, she is snowed in and trapped amid a plethora of available men. Is this small Alaskan town might be the perfect place for her to start her new life? Of course it is.

This supposed “fun and sexy” drama about finding love in all the wrong places was created by the head writer of Sex and the City. And how HBO’s Entourage is supposedly the guy version of Sex and the City, Men in Trees sounds like the chick version of Northern Exposure — as if Northern Exposure didn’t have chick enough qualities to begin with.

Now while I have enjoyed shows along the lines of Northern Exposure and Ed in the past. And the girlfriend has managed for me to get sucked into reruns of Sex and the City (apparently I’m already to admit just about anything on this new blog) I’m going to take a pass on Men in Trees.

The verdict — Friday night remains “going out and drinking night.”

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