GeekPunk: The Comic Book?

Some of you might be familiar with GeekPunk — the little self-publishing comic book company responsible for Hero Happy Hour. Well my co-conspirator, Chris Fason, and I are thinking that the little GeekPunk dude might be due for a comic book of his own.

The very first year that we set up a booth at the San Diego International Comic-Con we had numerous people asking about the comic book with “the little guy with the mohawk and glasses.” Well there was no comic book featuring “the little guy with the mohawk and glasses” — he was the company logo or mascot, so to speak. So, some some four years or so later, we’ve decided that GeekPunk deserves his own comic book. I’ll be handling the writing chores, and Chris will be taking care of the art. There is no definite release date scheduled yet since this book is a more of a side project for both Chris and I, but it will be self-published — through GeekPunk, naturally — and should be a lot of fun.

GeekPunk Fun Fact: Chris originally designed the GeekPunk logo while doodling on ruled notebook paper. His original doodle was the final design in which we used for the logo — as well as for being my first tattoo (picture coming soon).


One Response to “GeekPunk: The Comic Book?”

  1. JoeKinski Says:

    Sounds good to me. I can hardly wait.

    I recently found a pic around the house with Katie at Comicon wearing a Levi jacket with a Geekpunk sticker on it… that must have been 2002? Yikes!!!

    I’ll have to send ya one …. or do you have one???

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