Back to the Blog

Well, I’m back at it. I’m going to start a fresh new blog — and attempt to keep it going. Now I’m not going to outright admit that I’ve failed in my previous attempts to blog on a somewhat regular basis (with interesting material at that), but let’s just say the last two years have been somewhat hectic.

I let my old site of expire and then I gave the whole blog a try — which I really didn’t dig all that much. Then I came across that wordpress had free blogging — so what the Hell? That was as good enough as any reason to give a blog another try.

So, what is the over/under on how many posts I make before this blog slips into obscurity?


One Response to “Back to the Blog”

  1. Is Two Years Old « Dan Taylor Blog Says:

    […] day — 08/08/06 — that I launched my third or fourth regular blogging attempt with my first post on For the first six months my blog averaged about 400 unique hits a month. Now […]

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