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Ladies and Gentlemen… Quint!

August 8, 2006

Quint-ALet me introduce you to my newest best friend. This is Quint — a four-month old tabby who moved in last week.

I figured what better way to kick off the new blog than by introducing my new cat? So far things could not be going better. He appears to be very much a “people” cat with a sweet disposition. Not quite a shared quality of the character his namesake. He still needs to get used to Rusty (my roommate’s golden retriever), but all in good time. The little guy can eat. And it didn’t take long for him to claim my office chair as his own.

It’s been about twenty-two months since I’ve been a cat owner. And while I’ve missed my cats I believe Quint and I are going to make a good team. It feels good — I could already feel my blood preasure begin to drop the very first night.

Back to the Blog

August 8, 2006

Well, I’m back at it. I’m going to start a fresh new blog — and attempt to keep it going. Now I’m not going to outright admit that I’ve failed in my previous attempts to blog on a somewhat regular basis (with interesting material at that), but let’s just say the last two years have been somewhat hectic.

I let my old site of expire and then I gave the whole blog a try — which I really didn’t dig all that much. Then I came across that wordpress had free blogging — so what the Hell? That was as good enough as any reason to give a blog another try.

So, what is the over/under on how many posts I make before this blog slips into obscurity?