Hmmm… Super Heroes Hanging Out In A Bar…

Here’s an idea for a TV show — Super heroes hanging out in a bar. Now, I wish this post was about Hero Happy Hour finally making it’s way to the small screen — but alas, it’s not. But, it doesn’t appear to be far off the mark. From Rich Johnston’s June 23rd Lying in the Gutters column

“No Heroics” is a new ITV sitcom, set in a London Soho bar with a cast of superheroes on their time off. Reminiscent of the “Clarks” bar of the Wildstorm Universe and the comic “Super Hero Happy Hour,” this sitcom stars a number of familiar Britcom faces, James Lance from “Teachers” and “Moving Wallpaper,” Patrick Baladi from “Party Animals” and “The Office,” Claire Keelan from “Nathan Barley” and “A Cock And Bull Story,” “Tony Way from “Tittybangbang” and “Fun At The Funeral Parlour,” Nicolas Burns from “Nathan Barley” and “Man Stroke Woman” and Rebekah Staton from “Pulling” and “Outlaws.”

A number of years ago (or so) I was in negotiations with a studio regarding turning (Super) Hero Happy Hour into a television series. It got to the point where contracts were being faxed about, and gobs of money (at least to a guy like me who had never sold a television show before) were being talked about, as well as the possibility of Bruce Willis or Pierce Bronson providing voices for an animated series. It was crazy. But, it fell through and I’m still buying Top Ramen (which just went up another penny to a whoppin’ 29 cents a package).

This was the first that I’ve heard of No Heroics, and being in the States I’m not familiar with the talent that they’ve got lined up. Though, I will definitely be paying some interest to see what comes of it. Word to any U.S. television producers or executives out there — If No Heroics turns out to be the next The Office and they want to get a head start on the American equivalent come talk to me. Chris Fason and I have published over half a dozen comic books that are just about “super heroes hanging out in a bar.” Most of them are available for free download at WOWIO if you’d like to do some research, and there are all-new issues in the works and coming out later this year.

I’m not pissed as this shit happens all of the time. I’m just wondering, “dammit, when am I going to get my break.” As they say over in Britain — cheers!


15 Responses to “Hmmm… Super Heroes Hanging Out In A Bar…”

  1. Rich Johnston Says:

    I did mention you…

  2. Dan Taylor Says:

    @Rich Johnston — You did. Thanks. More Hero Happy Hour news coming soon.

  3. DJ Coffman Says:

    Dude, when I saw this i immediately thought of you, and thought that was bullocks! Yours is better though. I think you should change your name back to Super Hero Happy Hour and fight the man! You KNOW I woulda, right? ;)

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  5. Michael Regina Says:

    Hey I just read issue 1, what a great concept! Yes ‘No Heroics’ is very very similar…but you guys can say you thought of it first. Good luck and I’ll be reading more soon!

    All the best,

    Michael Regina
    Editor in Chief –

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  7. Tumble Dryers Says:

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  8. Steve Dilan Says:

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